Construction Noise – Old Convent Site

The construction project at the former convent on Richmond Road just got a little worse for nearby residents: City council gave builders permission Wednesday for noisy concrete work  to run late into the night.

Councillors voted unanimously for Ashcroft’s exemption, on a motion brought by Councillor Katherine Hobbs.

The approval allows Ashcroft to run machinery around the clock until May 1, and until 2 a.m. on weeknights until Aug. 23.


2 responses to “Construction Noise – Old Convent Site

  1. Convent Neighbour

    To Katherine Hobbs: To clarify your carefully drafted motion: item 3 means that (in addition to items 1 and 2) the only construction activity being noise exempt is the use of troweling machines!!

    So we will be able to complain to the city about 24×7 hammering; cement trucks backing up; and any other construction activity after 2200 hrs.

    I would like to ask, given your concern and empathy for your constituents, that you and your staff publish your cellphone numbers here and that your cell-phones be kept on all night, just in case Ashcroft does not live up to the limitations of this motion that you put forward.

    In the future, the community would appreciate being consulted on any motions that you put forward on our behalf.