1451 + 1445 Wellington

The IPCA met with Mizrahi Developments to discuss the proposal to build a mixed-use building at 1451 + 1445 Wellington Street (Proshine and Bella’s). We found Mazrhi’s approach to public consultation candid, and the company appears committed to working collaboratively with the community to make this a successful project for all stakeholders. 

In recent years the IPCA has met with a number of developers keen on building at that location, at least until site challenges (bedrock conditions and soil contamination) became known. Some designs were interesting, but each had their own set of weaknesses/ obstacles, most notably access far to close to the intersection, or off Rockport. Mizrahi is the first to secure Bella’s interest (a future occupant of the ground floor), affording them a more suitable/safer access option to the east of the intersection.

Mizrahi will be seeking more height than is currently contemplated for the site under the Wellington West CDP in order to ensure commercial viability of the project given site challenges and decontamination requirements. Details of the Plan’s proposed “gateway architecture” at this corner are described on pages 61 and 62 of the CDP.

The IPCA informed Mizrahi that the Association is in principle prepared to work with the developer in good faith to try to produce the best possible outcome for all concerned.

Once the purchase of the land finalized, Mizrahi intends extensive on-going discussions with the C.A.’s in the area and seeks input from residents in the community on how they would like the site developed.  

We invite IPCA members to post views on this blog.



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