Royal Thai Embassy – 180 Island Park Drive



The Royal Thai Embassy plans to demolish its existing Embassy at 180 Island Park Drive in order to build larger, more modern accommodations for staff and diplomats. The proposed building would occupy a larger footprint than the existing house (home to the Embassy since 1987), and accommodate employee parking underground.

Institutional use of the property was grandfathered when properties along Island Park where zoned R1 Residential.

The project was featured in the Ottawa Citizen and on the CBC.

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3 responses to “Royal Thai Embassy – 180 Island Park Drive

  1. Really looks more like an office building than an ambassadorial residence. Can understand why the neighbours feel it is out-of-character for a residential neighbourhood.

  2. This office is inappropriate for a residential street. The NCC invested heavily in gates and cairns to announce to users of IPD that they were entering a residential area – now they will see an oversized office building.

    The design seems wholly out of keeping with houses on the street and why is it so large?

    This proposal is very far along – why isn’t our community association involved and why isn’t the City and the NCC protecting our interests?

  3. NCC…!!!! waited 7/plus years for trees replacement…5plus yrs. for trees otherside of street…..still waitng for the flowers etc. since they put in the pillars ( tombstones) at IPD. leaving the plan half done.