Gas Station Passes First Step to Heritage Designation

Yesterday the City’s Built Heritage Sub-Committee unanimously approved heritage designation for the quaint old gas station at 70 Richmond Road.


Sketch by Andrew King

The gas station, which is at the corner of Island Park Drive and Richmond, used to belong to Pierre Trudeau’s father, Charles Emile Trudeau.  The City alerted the community last week the Sub-Committee was going to formally review this application yesterday.  Your board of directors conducted some quick but thorough research and decided to send a letter of support for the designation. You can view the Letter to Heritage Sub-Committee which fully explains our reasons why.

Next steps: request for designation goes to Planning Committee, perhaps as early as next week, and full council will have to vote on it after that.  As you may be aware, the site was purchased over a year ago by developer Main and Main, who is opposing the designation.

Please let us have your views on this matter — are you comfortable with the heritage designation, or would you prefer to see the site developed differently? Let us know – click on the “Leave a Comment” button, below!  We will attend the Planning meeting and make a presentation on behalf of the Association.

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3 responses to “Gas Station Passes First Step to Heritage Designation

  1. Definitely keep the Gas station as an historic site ……it is one of the best examples of residential blend style from that era. The location is perfect and will not impede development that seems so rampant in that area ……turning into the Richmond condo canyon with very little or no set back from the street.

  2. There is nothing very estetically pleasing about an old gas station and particularly this one. This corner is a main hub for east west, north south traffic, it should be developed and as the Westboro area continues to grow a building housing commercial enterprises will serve the community much better. Forget the nostalgia, most of us weren’t even born when this hunk of mud was a gas station, if you want to see old gas stations go to the library and look at pictures .

  3. 100% for the heritage designation.