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Join the Island Park Community Association to Discuss Island Park Drive after the NCC Covenants Expire

Thursday, March 23
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Kichissippi United Church Hall
630 Island Park Drive

With the expiration of Island Park Drive/Crescent NCC covenants by 2021, lot owners will not have to abide by the restrictions that have been in place for nearly 100 years and which have determined the character of the streetscape. Given that, the Board of the Island Park Community Association has studied options available for preserving the streetscape, value and character of our community. On March 23, come out to hear our proposed recommendation and have your say.

Board Recommendation
Lobby for the continuation of R1 Zoning and the creation of a Heritage Conservation District (HCD). HCDs are already in place to protect the character, streetscapes and values in the Glebe and Rockcliffe Park.

On March 23rd we will discuss work done to study available options and why the Board of the IPCA is proposing R1 Zoning and a Heritage Conservation District.

Learn more by reading the Aide Memoire  your Board has prepared – Aide Memoire: Island Park Drive Post-Covenant Options.

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