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Mid-Summer Meetings

Your board hopes you are enjoying your summer!

Planning and outreach activities have continued: members of the IPCA attended the NCC’s public open house on June 25.  The NCC wants public input on several development projects including the Ottawa River waterfront, LeBreton Flats, commemorative projects and much more. Launching a new, more interactive format for this year, small groups formed to discuss these projects with NCC board members and staff.  It was a useful and interesting evening, although the subject of the unpopular Monument to the Victims of Communism dominated much of the portion allowed for public commentary.  Read the plans here.

On the concrete level, we have also been in touch with the NCC about practical matters related to our street.  We discussed the placement of speed boards and improved signage around speed and the prohibition of commercial vehicles.  More to come on this.  The board has also reached out to the Civic Hospital Community Association to talk about mutual concerns around the new Civic Hospital that will be built on a parcel of land on the Experimental Farm.  The land where the hospital currently sits will be developed . . . into what is the big question.  

For your consideration – two meetings of interest: 
August 11: public meeting on the Queensway expansion, which will affect IPD, will be held from 4-8 p.m. at J.A. Dulude Arena, Mel Baker Hall, 941 Clyde Ave.  Details here.   August 22: Kitchissippi Ward Councillor Jeff Leiper will hold the next ward forum from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Orpheus House, 17 Fairmont Ave. Details here

We are also pleased to see many have signed up to join our association since the AGM.  Board member Jennifer Gillespie has been knocking on doors, encouraging membership.  Thanks Jen!  Please get involved – the membership form is here .

We will be hosting an important public meeting in the fall where the NCC will discuss the covenants with residents.  Stay tuned!


Happy Canada Day


Did you know you can see the fireworks from IPD?  Check out the little park at the north end of our street where it meets the Sir John A Macdonald Parkway . . . For all the Canada Day activities, check

June 16 Meeting with NCC

The IPCA met with the NCC to discuss issues related to the street. Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper and a representative from MP Paul Dewar’s office also attended.

The NCC noted it has, in recent years, worked with the IPCA to implement traffic calming, most notably the traffic lights at Iona, and removal of Carling Avenue sweeper lanes.

The efforts are much appreciated, as is the NCC’s new openness to meet with us, but the results of these activities have not alleviated traffic, curtailed use of the parkway by commercial vehicles, nor reduced speeding, aggressive driving, and collision rates.

Counts reveal that over 500 commercial vehicles use Island Park daily as a thoroughfare despite commercial vehicle restrictions. The RCMP have conducted blitzes, but note they do not have resources to do much more.

Installing lights at Clearview Avenue was also discussed. A meeting will be held in early July between Councillor Leiper and the NCC to determine what can be done to improve sight lines for pedestrians, cyclists and legally-turning drivers in the short term until funding is available to implement traffic lights.

The covenants—the legal documents that specify what can and cannot be done with IPD— expire in 2019.  The Association asked for copies of the documents and invited the NCC to a public meeting to provide residents an overview of the covenants and provide insight on the implications of their expiry.

The IPCA requested a copy of the NCC’s maintenance standards for contractors tending to the green spaces and for snow clearance. The goal is to provide residents with info to help assess whether standards are being met.

The NCC has agreed to meet with us quarterly to determine how to more systematically address issues that impact quality of life on IPD.

Parkdale Ramp Closings

REMINDER – Parkdale Off-Ramp Closures will affect IPD

Ready or not: As you may have heard, repairs need to be done on the 417 so the Parkdale ramps will be closed in the evenings, starting June 18 between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m.  But then on July 6, the westbound Parkdale off-ramp will be fully closed for a period of 57 days.  Be prepared, be cautious, and be safe. Read the full update from the City:  Pardale Off-Ramp Closures

New Board of Directors

The Island Park Community Association is very pleased to welcome the Board for 2015 – 2016:

Heather Mitchell – President
Daniel Koepke – Vice President
Duff Mitchell – Secretary
David Glastonbury – Treasurer
Mike Redmond – Communications Team Leader
Jennifer Gillespie – Communications and Membership Coordinator
Catherine Spaulding – Webmaster, Communications
Paul Forster – Development, Traffic and Transportation
Hans Rubarth – Development, Traffic and Transportation

We’ve hit the ground running!  There was a meeting with the NCC on June 11, our communications team is developing an outreach strategy, and we are planning to consult/liaise with neighboring community associations—there are six other Associations that touch on our street—not to mention ongoing contact with Councillor Jeff Leiper, MP Paul Dewar, MPP Yasir Naqvi, and all of you.

Would you like to help our Board out from time to time?  Do you have questions, concerns or comments? Let us know!


The Island Park Community Association’s New Board of Directors

It was great seeing friends and neighbours come out on May 28 to participate in the Island Park Community Association (IPCA)  Annual General Meeting.  We elected a brand new Board of Directors comprising nine neighbours from each section of the street, so we have excellent representation.   The first Board meeting will be held next week where roles and responsibilities will be decided; we will report back to you soon with this information.  As we move forward, all Board meetings will be open to members of the IPCA – we will publish dates and locations and hope you will join us.  We wish to give heartfelt thanks to Gary Ludington, Vice-Chair of the Westboro Community Association who was our “impartial advisor” and facilitated the election process; Kitchissippi Counsellor Jeff Leiper who brought us up to date on issues in the Ward; and to our three volunteers, Bryce, April and Fiona who handled the registration process.  Minutes of the AGM will be posted soon so you will know what was discussed.  And even if you missed the AGM please consider joining the IPCA.  For a modest fee–$10 per household–you will receive updates, alerts and insider information about what is going on in the Ward and on your street.  You will be invited to sit on committees and meetings.  The stronger our membership, the more impact we will have when speaking to the city, province, and the NCC. Just fill out the membership form and drop off your fee to 381 Island Park Drive.  We need your voice!

Membership Form

Island Park Association AGM – Reminder

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