Thai Embassy at 180 Island Park Drive

Well the Thai Embassy is at it again!


They want to tear down 180 IPD and put up an office building!! They applied to the City to change the zoning in 2014-2015 to do the same thing. Our street is for people and families, not offices. Here are the details and where to send your thoughts:

proposed embassy

Click here to see the development plans:…

And here is where to go to send in your comments – by August 18, 2017…
or directly to Steve Belan:
Tel.: 613-580-2424, ext. 27591 Fax: 613-560-6006


IPCA Newsletter

If you missed our last newsletter, you can catch up by viewing it at this link.

May 2017 IPCA Newsletter

RCMP enforcement to be cut on IPD and Parkway. 

You board has demanded a meeting with Minister McKenna/NCC/RCMP and City to discuss enforcement on the street.

Read the email here.  June 8 Letter

Stay tuned!


Reminder:Island Park Drive Garage Sale this weekend.

Garage Sale

Traffic Survey Results

The traffic survey results are in. Thank you to all that contributed.

Traffic Survey Results

Annual Garage Sale – June 3

Join your neighbours for our annual Garage Sale.

Garage Sale

Fox alert!

A resident of IPC reports seeing a fox in her front yard this morning. It was quite bold. Please be cautious with your small pets and kids when they are let out to play in your yard.

Another resident on IPC sent this along: Since foxes are so skittish (and fast), the Humane Society will only attempt capture when it is lying down or not running away from noise. There have been several calls about foxes in the city but so far they have not been successful with capture.

So if you see if this little guy lying down or not responding to noise, please call 613-725-3166.